Audio Tuna Sunshine
Leo Koenig
New York, NY

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 – OCTOBER 15, 2011

For his fifth solo exhibition at the gallery, Saylor will exhibit new sculptures, paintings and drawings. Working within a visual vernacular that is decisively American, Saylor fuses the organic and industrial in a manner that is at turns cheerfully ironic and piercingly sardonic. Saylor’s sculptural practice combines scavenged objects and hand-fashioned elements that bring into play discourses around American consumerism and the preciousness of the object. His large-scale paintings imbue a physicality that borders on hypertension, punctuated and balanced by elegiac passages of the brush and the inclusion of ephemera derived from pop culture. And, as ever, Saylor’s drawings reflect an unabashedly gritty quality that is alternatively expressed through poignant single-line drawings and a visceral oil stick works on paper.